Strawberry Cake

Remember that time when I was so obsessed with the color gray. I’m having this obsession again. But this time, it’s dusty pink. Not the bright pink kind of color. The dusty pink ones. 😀 So be prepare for some pink power on my upcoming outfit posts.

Sometimes I could feel a little bit too revealing when I just wore the top so I added a blazer on the shoulder, which made this look more fashionable yet appropriate in this country :p It could also feel a bit chilly inside the mall so I never forget my outerwear. Today I was wearing a white blazer from Maison de Pride that literally goes with most of my outfits.

Tassels are currently in the trend right now from earrings to everything. I’m so glad I did this purchase from Obsidia Collective and they sent me an extra tassel earrings, which I forgot to wear it. But these tassel details really made the top really unique. <3

I’m wearing:

Pink Tassel Top – Obsidia Collective

White Blazer – Maison de Pride

Pants – Maison de Pride

Heels – Bow Bow Shoes

Bag – Furla

Photographed by Douglas Goh

xX Devina