Off White

I think this outfit look is kinda late but it’s okay, I’m gonna post it anyway :p I’ve been so busy with this new upcoming project that’s actually going to launch this month and therefore, in the last few weeks, I’ve always so tired and didn’t have the time to post regularly. Sorry guys! But something exciting is coming; so, stay tuned!

I really like this gray overall dress from The Pony Tale ’cause it’s just effortlessly simple and elegant. It’s casual but fashionable at the same time. This outfit really made me look like a Korean. Not the face though. The outfit. :p

So, Enjoy!

Keeping it minimal with this minimal make up.

You can’t go wrong with these pretty little things. Pop this on your finger to elevate your whole look.

I’m wearing:

Top – The Pony Tale

White collared shirt – Uniqlo

Hat – H&M

Bag – Furla Miniapolis

Watch – Apple Watch

Rings – Eclat Jewel

Necklace – Luneur

Platform shoes – The Fluffy Shop