ZAP Review: Photo Facial

This blog post is going to be a little bit different than the usuals. I recently got the chance to try the infamous Photo Facial by ZAP. Thanks to Clozette!

I went to the one in Mall of Indonesia, which was the closest one from my house. The place wasn’t huge but it was homey, cozy and comfortable. I believe Saturday is one of their busiest days ’cause I had to wait for an hour, since to be able to make an appointment you have to buy their treatment package. But no worries! Patience is virtue, right? 😉

Below are some of the benefits of ZAP’s Photo Facial:

  • Even out skin tone
  • Improve skin surface texture
  • Reduce acne and acne scars
  • Reduce pigmentation and spots caused by sun exposure and aging process
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Minimize pores
  • Stimulates collagen regeneration, making the skin texture smoother, looks younger and moist

Since it was my first time here, I had to consult with the Doctor first before they let me do the Photo Facial. So, Dr. Levina asked me a couple of questions regarding my allergies and stuff. She was very kind, friendly and helpful during my visit. I asked her a lot of stuff about my skin problems and my concerns regarding the side effects of the Photo Facial. She said that the treatments are very safe that I don’t need to worry.

Dr. Levina was examining my problematic face. lol. She said that the treatments were very well-suited for me since I had some acne scars from my previous breakouts. Furthermore, she said that I actually had to do around 20 treatments once per week to see a maximum result. That’s quite a lot.

So what is this Photo Facial, you ask me?

Photo Facial by ZAP consists of three set of treatments:

Face Toning

The first step is the Face Toning. It uses a laser technology, which targets the melanin, hemoglobin, and water in the dermis layer. Personally for me, I got this goosebumps of unpleasant feelings when the Doctor was doing my Face Toning. You’ll feel a minor tingling sensation around your face. It didn’t last a long time, so it wasn’t quite a problem for me. This treatment is effective to even out the facial skin color, reduce freckles on the dermis layer, shrink pores, reduce wrinkles, regenerates collagen and reduces facial oil that causes acne.

Face Rejuvenation

The second step of the Photo Facial; Face Rejuvenation. It uses light-based technology that works on the epidermis and upper dermis layer, which helps reduce black spots, cures acne and reduce inflammation, and rejuvenate facial skin by stimulating collagen regeneration. It also helps to reduce pigmentation, which makes the skin smooth and bright.

First, the Doctor spread a super duper cold gel on my face and then started the treatment. She said that I might feel warm in some parts of my face, but I actually didn’t feel anything but cold. lol. Since this treatment used light-based technology, I could see really bright flashes (even though I already wore the sunnies). This might be uncomfortable for some people. Then again, it didn’t last long 🙂

Oxy Infusion

Aaaah… The last step of the treatment, which is my most favorite treatment compare to the previous ones!! Oxy Infusion treatment sprays air containing oxygen that absorbs by the facial upper skin layer through the pores so that it can make the skin look fresh and moist. This treatment is a soft peel treatment that will clean the facial skin from pollution and dust that causes facial skin to turn dull.

My face after treatment; I noticed my face is a lot smoother and brighter now. I haven’t noticed anything about my acne scars but my face definitely felt like just drank ten gallons of water. It definitely felt amazing and hydrated.

Keep in mind these guidelines to ZAP’s Photo Facial:


  • Avoid direct sun exposure or tanning for a minimum of 2 weeks before treatment (I actually went to the beach last week but since I always wear sunscreen on my face, the Doctor told me that it was fine to do Photo Facial)
  • Use SPF sunscreen or more of you’re doing outdoor activity. (I always use at least 50 SPF every single day)
  • Heavy make up before treatment is not recommended


  • Avoid direct sun exposure or tanning for two weeks after treatment (Copy that!)
  • Avoid swimming or washing your face with hot water
  • Please do not use scrub for two days after treatment (I actually haven’t used facial scrub in ages since I got sensitive with scrubs.)
  • Always use 30 SPF sunscreen or more when outdoors
  • Make up is allowed (Thank God!)


The price of the face toning, face rejuvenation and oxy infusion is IDR 250,000 each. But they are currently have a special discount if you would like to try the Photo Facial package, which consists the trio, then it’s going to cost you only IDR 500,000. You can save IDR 250,000. 🙂

Go give this a try and I’m pretty sure your skin will thank you later.

If you have further questions that you want to ask me regarding the treatments, don’t hesitate to mention me at the comment section below!

See you on my next post.. xx