Travel Diary: Hong Kong



Allegretto Viva Espresso

I knew this cafe from Tara Milk Tea‘s Instagram page. If you didn’t know her, please do check her out. You won’t regret it. 😉 She really inspires me a lot with her adorable pictures. So, this was my first stop when I arrived in Hong Kong. It was located in Tsim Sha Tsui area. They served really cute 3D latte art for HKD$50 and we have to wait for 30 minutes. We ended up waiting for more than 30 minutes but it was worth the wait.



Dim Sum Icon

Also located at The One Mall in Tsim Sha Tsui area. We arrived there before dinner time so we didn’t have to wait for queue-ing line. But guys, this is not your ordinary dim sum restaurant. It’s Gudetama-themed dim sum restaurant. Gudetama is one of Sanrio’s character, which is quite popular among the Japanese. ‘Gude’ means no energy/lazy in Japanese and ‘Tama’ means egg. Google it if you didn’t know Gudetama. They basically put his lazy yet adorable expressions onto the dim sum. And Voila! Don’t expect too much with the taste though. lol. Fyi, they also provide Crayon Sinchan dim sum.




I’m wearing top and pants that I bought from a bazaar when I was in Korea. Actually forgot the name of the store. Outerwear from Maiya cloth, Pluffy’s Choice choker and Michikolatte sunnies.



Neko & Friends doughnuts.




Hong Kong Disneyland

The happiest place on Earth. Finally, I succeeded in ticking off one of my Disney bucket list; take a photo with the balloons.



And another Disney bucket list; to eat Disney-shaped buns at Crystal Lotus.



I’m wearing Maison de Pride green dress and choker, Furla sling bag and Charles and Keith sandals.

Don’t forget to visit the recently open Off White Store if you like streetwear stuff. I was actually just accompany-ing my boyfriend. They got a really cool and photogenic “entrance” that you cannot take a photo. I got shoo-ed by the staff right after I took this picture. lols.



Tai Cheong Bakery was said to be the best egg tart in Hong Kong. So they say. But I’m not complaining. Eat it while it’s still warm. Yum. Let me know on the comment section below if you know any other bakery that has really good egg tarts. I would love to try it.




I’m wearing Miss Selfridge top, Cloth Inc lacey pants and Michikolatte sunnies.


Oddies Foodies

Egg puff + Ice Cream = Heaven.

That moment when you realised that this is more a food diary than a travel diary. But you gotta post it anyway. I’ll do better next time. xx