I’m wearing Suki The Label tri-color top and skirt, MCM pastel blue bag and nude coloured heels from Bow Bow Shoe.




I remember there was this Professor (which I’ve forgotten the name; sorry!) during my studies in Paris. And his outfits were always Parisian-style and we (me and my friends) always loved each of his outfits. We noticed how he only wore three colours maximum for every looks. For example, when he was wearing a plain white collared shirt, he would always pair it with a set of brown blazer and pants and matched it with a black oxford. And he really taught us the tri-color rule!

When you think you put a lot of colours on your whole outfit, remember the simple tri-color rule! (even though this rule doesn’t work with every style). Of course, you can be wild and crazy by adding a lot of colours to your outfits. 🙂


However, my outfit from Suki The Label is the perfect example of the tri-color rule. lol. I absolutely love the combination of pastel blue, nude and black. As I already had three colours on my top and bottom, I didn’t want to add more colours to my whole outfit; so I added a pastel blue sling bag and a nude ankle boots. See! Three colours!



I would like to thank the Professor for teaching us this tri-color rule. And I hope this simple rule helps the way we dress. Until my next post! xx

Photographed by Douglas Goh