Kylie Lip Kit Product Review + Lip Swatches

Hi, loves!

My post today will not be another #ootd, but it’s gonna be a product review of a specific make up brand, which is… *intense drumroll* Kylie Lip Kit by Kylie Jenner. It is actually a bit late now for lip swatches but better late than never, right?

You guys might all know that these products have become a talking point over the media a few months back. I remember how I couldn’t even buy these on the website. They were super limited and I had to buy it through a personal shopper. Thank you Her Kouture and my friend, Beatrice!

The colors that I will be reviewing today are: Candy K, Posie K and Kourt K


Every lip kit includes a lip liner and a liquid lipstick.


First, you gotta use the lip liner first and fill in your lip area. The lip liner helps you to achieve a fuller lips, just like Kylie Jenner’s famous lips. Too bad my lips are thin. Can I order one Angelina Jolie’s lips, please?


Then, apply the liquid lipstick. Wait a few seconds for it to dry and voila!


The photo above is me wearing the lip kit in Candy K. I simply loooove the color so much! It’s like brown but a little hint of pink. I always bring this particular baby literally to everywhere. Search my bag and you’d find Posie K. No kidding. I think this color perfect for everyday make up, to office and casual meet ups.

Oh, have you smelled the lipstick?? They smelled like sweet and vanilla-y and I didn’t know what kind of smell that was but it was amazing! And I love how it didn’t dry my lips, it was quite easy to apply and it lasted pretty long. I actually have tried NYX’s liquid lipstick and it pretty dried my lips. So, bye-bye NYX and hello Kylie!

Onto the next color…




This one is Posie K. Look how pretty this color is! Posie K is more like dark pink-ish (not Barbie’s pink).

I usually use this color on the weekends or when I have wedding parties to attend to or when your make up needs a little bit of color. My eye make up is usually brown to neutral color, adding this pink shade on my lips will definitely bolden up my make up look.



Nevertheless, this particular color is perfect for a romantic date night <3

Onto the last color, which is Kourt K.


Make up tip: don’t forget to line your lips first when applying a dark colored lipstick. You wouldn’t want an uneven line on the edge of your lips. I actually had a hard time having a neat and even line. But, practice makes progress 🙂


I don’t wear this color (Kourt K) so often, but I love this color as much as I like the others. This particular color is perfect for a glamorous make up look or when you want to hit the club or if you simply just want to achieve a dark / mysterious / grunge / vamp-y / kinda gothic look. Pair it with choker and it would give a different personality to your look.



Overall, I simply fell in love with all these liquid lipstick! I love the scents, the colors, and I love how it suits my sensitive lips. I personally have a very dry lips but surprisingly, I have no problem wearing them. Hopefully, I could add new colors to my Kylie Lip Kit collection.

Btw, I am so happy with my super natural fake lashes from Starry Light. I was looking for a natural one since ages ago and finally got it from Starry Light.

Until my next post. xx