Casual Stripes



I’m wearing (from top to bottom): @eos_thelabel choker, @pomelofashion sabrina top, @wlsofficial personalised clutch, Zara jeans, and @bowbowshoe black heels.


To be honest, I’m actually not a jeans kind of girl. lol. I think that they’re too hot to be worn in this hot city of Jakarta. I hate that unpleasant feeling when you’re wearing a tight skinny jeans and you’re sweating like crazy. Nope. Nope. Nope. So, you’d find most of my outfits I’d be wearing skirts or dresses or culottes. Yep, culottes are my alternatives to wearing pants during the day.






However, this outfit is kinda exceptional. I think that the jeans perfectly matched with my sabrina top. The ripped jeans really pulled off that casual look and the striped sabrina top made the whole look a little bit more stylish and chic, which is what I was trying to achieve. 😀 Pair it with a statement shoes and a few of accessories and voila! A casual yet stylish outfit that you can wear for the weekend.

Styling tip: To add some ‘stylish-ness’ (no idea if that’s even a word), try tucking in half of your buttoned shirt inside your pants/skirts/etc. Notice how I tucked in half of my top inside my jeans. Style your typical buttoned shirt with a twist to it.

I think that’s it! See you till my next post. xx




No make up make-up and the currently-famous choker.

Location: Epigastro, Pantai Indak Kapuk