A Day in Bali


I’m wearing H&M hat, H&M playsuit and Balenciaga bag.


I’m at Potato Head’s private beach

How to get there: I’m using Citilink, which is a decent and affordable domestic airline. It took one hour-ish from Jakarta to Denpasar, Bali.

Where to Stay: The first three days, I stayed in a nice private villa in Canggu called Zoe Villa. It is 10 minutes away from Seminyak, which is the popular area in Bali that consists a lot of good restaurants and cafes. The villa has its own swimming pool, outdoor dining room and a bathtub (this is  very important to me!). And it costs around IDR 700,000/night (US$52/night) so it was a good deal for me. The last day, I stayed at Pullman Legian Hotel, which I think it’s a five star hotel. They have really luxurious facilities in the hotel itself and it was awesome ‘cause my boyfriend got a free night there. yay! It costs around IDR 2,000,000/night (US$150/night).

Where to eat: Food that I tried on this trip was…

  • Local Balinese food
    • Nasi Babi Pak Dobiel (if you’re a big fan of pork, then you gotta try this place)
    • Nasi Ayam Bu Oki
    • Nasi Pedas Bu Andika. I gotta say this one is my favourite. They’re famous with their sambal (sauce) ‘cause it’s really really really spicy but incredibly good! Very recommended.
    • Sate Babi Bawah Pohon
  • Restaurants, Cafes and Coffee Shop
    • Metis. Their steak and escargots are a-must!
    • Kilo Kitchen. This fusion restaurant is surprisingly good! Try their Ebiko Pasta and Squid Ink Rice. Oh Yum!
    • Gardin Allin. A very photogenic restaurant in the Seminyak area.
    • Sisterfields. A good place for brunch.
    • Livingstone. A nice and minimalistic place to chill, relax and drink coffee.

What to see: The highlight of this trip is that I went to Mount Batur. It was a super early in the morning hike. We started hiking at 4am in the morning and it was actually freezing (at least for me). It was dark and we only got a flashlight to guide us to the top of the mountain. It was exhausting ‘cause first, we have to walk uphill for 1 hour and again, walk (no, I would say climb) more uphills without a proper pathways for another more hour. It was literally climbing on rocks to get to the top of the freaking mountain. I am no sporty girl and no, I wasn’t prepare for this. I literally threw up on the mountain; twice; wasting all my banana pancake that I had for breakfast. I was too tired catching my breath as well as the sunrise and I hope someone would catch me if I fainted on that mountain. However, what’s matter is that I succeeded to be on top of Mount Batur and succeeded to stay alive during my first hike. I’m still a bit traumatised with my first hike so I’m not gonna hike anytime soon. I’m a beach kind of person after all.

How to get around: I always used Uber in Bali ‘cause its just very convenient, easy-to-use and a lot cheaper than the local taxis. However, Uber is actually officially banned in Bali ‘cause they said Uber is killing the taxi industry, so when ordering Uber, please do not tell the locals that you’re using Uber, just hop right into their car, stay away from the local taxis area when ordering Uber and if someone asks you, just tell them that you’re using your own personal driver. I hope my tips help you during your stay in Bali.