Mrs. Grey


Photographed by Douglas Goh

I’m wearing (from top to bottom): Topshop fedora hat, Hoola Sunnies, Zara knitted dress in grey, black clutch from @b_y_o, and Charles and Keith platform shoes.

I am not Mrs. Grey. I don’t have an obsession with Christian Grey or with his “world” or even the movie ‘Fifty Shades of Grey for that matter. But lately, I have this weird sickness that I’d like to call; Grey Fever.

It is a state when you would always pick grey compare to any other color. And when I had a dilemma picking out an outfit to wear or buy, I would definitely choose grey. This ‘mental sickness’ made a pretty big impact particularly in my closet. HA! Guess what, now there’s a pretty big chunk or section of grey clothes in my wardrobe. I know its weird because grey is not even my favourite color.

Okay, enough of grey fever. But I really love this grey-colored knitted dress that I bought recently from Zara. I think I am currently in love with knitted dresses and tops ’cause it really shapes your body line.

To make it look a little bit more edgy, I added a fedora hat to this look. I can’t explain how I actually really LOVE wearing hats and beanies. Blame to the hot weather in Jakarta, I can’t really wear them that often.

So, question of the day: Do you have a color fever?

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  1. beautiful pictures!! I absolutely love your sunglasses 😀 I think my favorite color to wear is dark navy <3
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

    1. Thank you gorgeous :* love your blog!

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