Beauty Favorites January 2016


1. Nars all day luminous weightless foundation

In this particular post, I think I have to emphasize how I just started to freaking love this brand. I have never used foundation in my skincare routine. I’ve only used drugstore BB cream in my entire life and finally, I ran out of them; therefore, I have to get a new one. Then my sister recommended me to use Nars foundation. A bit skeptical in the first place and I did my research and its not cheap! More so, They don’t have an official store here so I have to fly to Singapore to get it. Meanwhile, I went to Sephora and tried other foundation (like Make Up Forever) and they all have a really heavy, creamy texture and personally I don’t like it because I have quite an oily face. Finally, went to Singapore, tried this baby and GOSH! its like love at first ‘try’. The texture is watery and not creamy; I think that’s important because I don’t like my face to feel cake-y at all. It does not feel heavy at all, does a medium to high coverage depending on how much you use, it absorbs really fast and spread easily on your face. I absolutely love their minimalist packaging. So yeah, if you’re looking for a foundation, make sure to give this a go. I will definitely buy and try their other products. The shade I’m using is Light 5 Fiji; it really matches my yellow skin tone.


2. Dark circles eraser by Maybelline in shade light pale

I think you guys may have already familiar with this product. But I have only been just using it. Where have I been?? I actually noticed this product from a few make up gurus on youtube. They’ve used it as a consealer and highlighter. What I really like about this product is because they have a little sponge on top that is very easy to apply on your face. Enough said.


3. Skin Inc Hydrating Shield

I’m always a fan of water-based products and I really loving my new sunscreen that I got from Skin Inc. Pros: It hydrates your skin, it absorbs quickly, they consist SPF and anti-aging serum, and you can use this product even if you have a sensitive skin like mine because they are paraben-free and fragrance-free. yay! Cons: Pricey.

4. Make up forever matte liquid eyeliner

The brush tip is amazing. You can actually create a very precise and perfect fine lines. I actually quite love this eyeliner. However, the downside of this product is that it smudges 🙁 My eyelids tend to get oily during the day and in some cases, it smudges to your upper and lower eyes. If you don’t have oily eyelids, I think this would be your perfect eyeliner. If you live in a tropical country where its humid or you may be sweaty during the day, you may want to look for a waterproof eyeliner. Any recommendation for waterproof/smudge-free eyeliner? Please feel free to let me know on the comment section below.


5. Do the Hoola Kit from Benefit

Last product, I promise. I simply love to contour my face. Even though I generally have a pretty small-shaped face, but I think I really need contouring. You can really see the difference to your face; it really gives more dimension so your face does not look flat. I actually intended to buy the Hoola bronzing powder (the one in the middle) in its bigger size; until I saw this kit with a small version of the blush and its just perfect for me. Why? ’cause I never finish a single make up product until they got expired and I eventually have to throw them away. I can’t even finish my lipsticks. Never. I never seem to know the reason though. Either I’m using them too little. Or I have a lot of make up so I can’t finish any of them. Hm, probably the first one. With this kit, you get to try all these products in smaller version. I will briefly explain all of the products below 🙂

Dew the Hoola

You will get an instruction inside the kit on how to use each of the products. However, ‘Dew the Hoola’ is used to contour your face; it has a creamy texture and it’s quite pigmented. You only need a little pump, apply it on the temple of your forehead and blend it with a brush. Your forehead should appear smaller.

Hola Bronzing Powder

Basically quite similar with ‘Dew the Hoola’ but this one you apply on the hollow of your cheeks to create that slimming effect. Oh! And it comes with a brush.

Bene Balm

I am not proud with my lips. They’re super pale. I never leave my house without my lipstick on. The time when I forgot to put my lipstick on, people would ask if I was actually sick. I have been looking for a tinted lip balm for quite a long time now and this ‘Bene Balm’ by Benefit is simply perfection. It gives a slightly red color to your lips and it’s so natural that it seems like my natural lip color. Now, I rarely use my lipstick during the day. Hail Bene Balm!

Hola Ultra Plush Lipgloss

Apply this on top of ‘Bene Balm’ and it’ll give you a nice nude and glow-y color to your lips.

They’re Real Mascara

If you have a little to no lashes like me then you have to try this mascara. “They’re Real!” It does make your lashes appear longer. Say goodbye to fake lashes.

That sums up my January Beauty favourites, until my next post. Take care.



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