Girl Next Door


I’m wearing: Topshop black hat, Topshop vest, marble-printed tank top that I once bought from Bangkok last year, H&M shorts, Play No More bag, and Minka Shoes.

It’s Saturyay! I usually spend my Saturday chilling with friends, trying new cafes, watching movies and stuff. I really like to carefully and properly plan my Saturday so I don’t waste my favorite day of the week! I mean, can I have two Saturdays in a week?? Furthermore, I’ve been wanting to try this place called Goodhood Coffee and Kitchen. So I checked and they got quite good rating and reviews and people have been saying that the place got a nice interior and good coffee. Perfect! So, we went there yesterday and you know what. They’re closed every Saturday and Sunday. We’ve checked on and it’s said they’re open. Hm, weird. Probably, I won’t have the chance to try this place since I’m working on weekdays. But! I didn’t want to leave the place empty-handed so I decided to take a lot photos there.
I’ve been obsessed with vests lately. They are so efficient! Sometimes you are just too lazy to pick a good outfit and this is when the vests are very helpful. You just put a simple outfit beneath it; for me, I’m wearing a black tank top with shorts and then layer it with a vest. and Voila! You just smarten up the whole outfit. You can also match it with a simple black dress. I promise you, it’ll really change the whole look!
Good luck! xx

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  1. In love with your outfit! <3

    1. Hey thanks dear! I love your blog 🙂

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